1. Code of Conduct
1.1 Policy Statement
This policy provides a guide to the standard behaviour and conduct, the Company expects of its employees. It is not an exhaustive policy, and the Company reserves the right to amend, or to add, to the code and to take appropriate action against behaviour or conduct which is in contradiction to the Code. Any notices issued or agreements reduced to writing will automatically constitute additions or amendments to this Code of Conduct.

1.2 Conduct
It must be borne in mind that the Company expects its employees to conduct themselves in such a way that they do not infringe on the rights or moral standards of the Company, fellow employees and the community in which they operate. Employees must also at all times behave in a manner which preserves the company’s good name. Employees, particularly in relations with members of the public, should at all times act with propriety and the highest degree of integrity.

1.3 Attendance
All employees of the Company are expected to promptly report to work in accordance with laid down hours of work. Prior permission should be obtained from their supervisors by the employees who leave their normal place of work in the Company to attend to their private business.
Absence from duty without prior permission of a supervisor may render the employee liable for disciplinary action.
1.4 Performance of Duties
Employees shall at all times carry out their specified duties diligently and to the best of their ability. Poor performance as a result of the employee’s negligence shall constitute grounds for appropriate disciplinary action, including termination of employment. Poor performance as a result of the employee’s incompetence may be used as grounds for demotion or termination of employment as per the disciplinary code.
Employees shall at all times comply with the Company’s operating instructions, procedures, standing instructions and such lawful directives which may be issued from time to time. Failure to comply with any of the above requirements shall be a disciplinary offence and may result in termination of employment, depending on the severity of the breach or the outcome of such failure to comply

1.5 Secrecy
All information obtained during the course of employment with the Company is confidential, and the strictest secrecy shall be observed.
Employees shall not communicate, or allow to be communicated, to any unauthorised person, any information made available to them in their capacity as employees of the Company, unless instructed by the Company’s management or a Court of Law.
No employee, unless authorised by a Director, or ordered by a Court of Law, shall allow any person, not in the employment of the Company, access to any documents of the company other than in the normal course of business
All employees shall be required to sign a Declaration of secrecy on their first appointment, and at such other time as the company may require. Any breach of secrecy in terms of this section shall be treated as a serious misconduct and the employee concerned will be liable for instant dismissal.
1.6 Removal of Documents or Property
No employee shall without approval, or authority granted by virtue of the company’s operating instructions, remove from the premises any books, records, written documents or computer record or files or any document relating to activities of the company, its staff ,or its customers without permission

1.7 Erasures and Copying of Records
No employee shall tamper with, make erasures to, or copy, any of the company’s documents in any form without authority.
In order to check computer records of the Company, all computer discs must be checked for the presence of any computer viruses.

1.8 Care for Company Property
All employees shall take care of the company’s property and shall be held personally responsible for the care of any NB property under their control. If for any reason arising out of the employee’s carelessness or negligence, property of the company is damaged or lost, such employee may at the discretion of the company be required to re-imburse the NB for the cost of repair or replacement of such property.
1.9 Press Statement, Interviews and Publications
Except with prior authority from the Managing Director, no employee of National Breweries shall issue any press statement, or take part in any organised public debate, or discussion, on any matter relating to the business or affairs of the company or purporting to express the views of NB on any matter.

1.10 Gifts
An employee of National Breweries must not accept, or solicit gifts, fees, or hospitality, either directly or indirectly from any person with whom the employee has official dealings, either in respect of services rendered or in exchange for service to be rendered.
Any such gifts, must be reported promptly to the employee’s functional Director.
Monetary gifts must not be accepted and in all cases where offers have been made and declined the employee’s functional Director must be informed.

1.11 Receiving Visitors
Employees are discouraged from receiving personal visitors, including Hawkers, on NB premises. Any visits must be restricted to matters of an urgent and serious nature, and should be kept as short as possible.
All visitors entering National Breweries premises other than Distributors shall be required to wear Visitor’s Identity cards provided by the company’s reception or security staff.

1.12 Dress Code
All employees should ensure that their dress and appearance reflects a suitable image of the company. Smart Casual and branded clothing is generally acceptable.
The wearing of jeans is only permitted for some areas of Technical and Distribution as permitted by the HOD or Functional Director. The wearing of jeans is not permitted in any other department.
Both male and female hair styles and dressing should be modest.
All employees when on duty should wear identity cards where they can be easily seen.

1.13 Loan Sharking (Kaloba), Trading and Gambling
Unauthorised loan sharking (Kaloba) and collections is illegal and not permitted. Trading, gambling, betting and formal or informal lotteries, whether during working hours or otherwise, are also prohibited.

1.14 Private Interest and Declaration of Interests
Employees are not permitted to engage in any form of business, trade or profession, which in the opinion of National Breweries may conflict with their responsibilities to the company, without written approval of the Managing Director.
All employees who have any business interests whether directly or indirectly through their relatives, spouses and friends, including shareholding, membership on any board of directors, should declare their interest to their functional Director or Human Resources using the Declaration forms and a copy of such declaration be put on the employee’s personal file in Human Resources Department.
Employees must notify their functional Director of any of the change or additions to such interests

1.15 Employment outside the Company
Employees of National Breweries are not permitted to accept any outside honorarium or employment without the prior written permission of the Managing Director.
Where permission to receive Honoraria has been obtained such Honoraria must be declared and surrendered to the company.

1.16 Obligation to Report Bribes, Frauds, Etc.
An employee who becomes aware of, or suspects the occurrence of a bribe, fraud, unfaithfulness, misappropriation, breach of security regulations, or breach of operating procedures, error, or concealed practice against the interest of the company by any person, whether or not such person is an employee of the company, shall immediately report the occurrence, or such suspicion to their Manager.
Failure to report such an occurrence shall be deemed to be a serious offence, warranting termination of employment.

1.17 Disclosure of information
No employee of the company shall give an opinion or specimen of handwriting or disclose any information relating to the company’s, to any person desiring to use such information as evidence in Court or elsewhere, without the prior written consent of the Managing Director, or by order of a Court of law.

1.18 Religious Convictions
National Breweries recognises the right of the employee of the company to hold personal religious convictions and belong to any religious organisation of their choice.
However, where in the opinion of the company, there is a serious conflict of interest between the employee duties, obligations and responsibilities towards the company, and the employee’s religious convictions and activities, the company shall reserve the right to require the employee to fulfil his responsibilities and the obligations of the company.