– Carbonated Traditional African Beer
– Over 30 days shelf life
– Screw Cap Pack
– Shake before opening
– Affordable price point
– Pack Size : 1.25 litre
– 4% alcohol volume (stable)

  • Chibuku Super is a progressive extension of the Chibuku brand, launched in 2012 across various African markets. This deliciously refreshing beer is based on the same traditional taste profile as its parent brand, Chibuku Shake-Shake, though with a distinctively enhanced profile. The product features a screw cap, which is a first for many locally made traditional beers.
  • Together with a unique and carbonated taste experience, stabilised alcohol content and a significantly extended shelf life exceeding 42 days – at a price that offers great value to the consumer – Chibuku Super is a game changer in the Traditional African Beer category.