Our People Are Our Enduring Advantage

  • The calibre and commitment of our people set us apart.
  • We are a diverse and dynamic team.
  • We select and develop people for the long term.
  • Performance is what counts.
  • Health and Safety issues receive priority attention.

Accountability is Clear and Personal

  • We favour decentralized management and a practical maximum of local autonomy.
  • Goals and objectives are aligned and clearly articulated.
  • We prize both intellectual rigour and passion for our work.
  • We are honest about performance.
  • We require and enable self-management.

We Work and Win in Teams

  • We actively develop and share knowledge within the Group.
  • We foster trust and integrity in internal relationships.
  • We encourage camaraderie and a sense of fun.

We Understand and Respect Our Customers

  • We are endlessly concerned with our customers’ needs and perceptions.
  • We build lasting relationships based on trust.
  • We aspire to offer the preferred choices of product and service.
  • We innovate and lead in a changing world.

Our Reputation is Indivisible

  • Our reputation relies on the actions and statements of every employee.
  • We build our reputation for the long term.
  • We are fair and ethical in all our dealings.

We Do Our Best for Our Local Community

  • We consciously balance local and group interests.
  • We benefit the local communities in which we operate.
  • We endeavour to conduct our business in an environmentally sustainable manner.